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Wednesday, 22nd May 2024 Rigging

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Rigging Equipment

Rigging is a craft that requires highly trained professionals using a crane to operate ropes, cables and chains effectively and safely to lift and move heavy and large objects. High quality equipment is recommended in rigging operations to ensure the rigger and his colleagues can perform their work without any impediments and delays. Riggers rely on superior crane rigging equipment to help them with their work on site.

In a previous blog, 7 Tips on Where to Buy Wire Rope in Australia, we shared important tips to help our customers make an informed decision prior to acquiring wire rope. We stock wire rope available in stainless steel, galvanised, PVC coated and nylon coated, so that you can apply our wire rope products to external crane rigging applications in either commercial and industrial operations.

In this blog, we explain 5 tips to help you choose the right rigging equipment in addition to wire rope such as rigging turnbuckles and rigging screws.

Right Rigging Equipment

(1) Consider Your Operations

Before acquiring crane rigging equipment, ensure that you know what you require to successfully perform your operations. You might need to consult your fellow colleagues to determine the exact type of rigging equipment needed. We stock wire rope and associated rigging equipment in various materials, formations and sizes to suit your specific requirements.

For example, our rated rigging turnbuckles and screws are available in eye & eye, clevis & eye, and clevis & clevis options. However, our commercial rigging turnbuckles are available in eye & eye, hook & eye, and stub & stub options. It is critical that you assess the intricacies of your operations so that you acquire the right products. Make sure you consider the weight of the load you will be required to restrain or lift, the lifting angles, the height, the forces on the rope and various other factors.

(2) Consider Regulatory Obligations

Depending on your operation, you will need to comply with strict regulatory obligations. Make sure you are familiar with the rules and observe all protocols. Especially on domestic, commercial and industrial sites, you will need to follow these regulations to ensure your method of operation is safe, adequate and effective. If you are unsure, feel free to engage a third-party consultant to advise you on the specifics. With tightening regulatory obligations, you want to make sure your practice is satisfying all requirements in compliance and that you are operating safely.

(3) Consider Environmental Factors

When performing rigging work, you must consider environmental factors. We stock various products to enable you to work in various outdoor conditions. It is important to consider the location of your working site and the impact environmental factors can have on your assignment. If the location is windy or very dry, we stock different equipment to help you perform your tasks. For example, our marine grade stainless steel 316 rigging products are ideal for rigging operations close to water because it helps limit corrosion to the exposed rigging parts. We also supply Grade 60 Alloy rated rigging and lifting components suitable for load rated applications in water environments. See the our new Cromox brochure for further details.

(4) Consider Unplanned Circumstances

Whilst you might be familiar with standard crane rigging equipment, make sure you hold other equipment to be used during unplanned circumstances. Ensure that you are familiar with why each part is used so that you can diagnose a problem and develop correct solutions. We can help you select the right products for your operations as we speak your language and understand the trade.

(5) Consider A Professional Service Provider

When clients come in looking for rigging supplies, they want the most suitable product for their specific needs at a competitive price. The Melbourne based team at Keble’s Trading possess the experience and know-how to help you find the most appropriate rigging supplies for your needs, enabling you to get the job done quicker, better and with low safety risk.

We also conduct our own in-house testing services on our internal 100T test bed to certify lifting, structural and load bearing devices, equipment and applications. This helps provide peace of mind to our customers because they can take comfort knowing that their products are ready for immediate use.

Rigging can be an intensive job. It requires detailed training for the rigger and the utmost in safety both in processes and equipment. For quality rigging supplies in Melbourne that reduce safety risks and help you perform the job with greater efficiency, turn to Keble’s Trading. We stock a variety of products for various lifting and non-lifting purposes, allowing you to discover a selection of turnbuckles, swivels, thimbles, shackles and more in one convenient location. Call us on 1800 067 687 to learn more or browse our website.

Are you in need of commercial or industrial crane rigging equipment? Share below the equipment you use on a regular basis and why it is important to you.

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