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Tuesday, 21st August 2018 Handrails

3 Things to Consider Before Installing a Glass Balustrade in your Home?

In a recent blog post titled, 5 Reasons Why Choose Glass Balustrades Over Other Balustrade Types, we shared with you our view on why glass balustrade is better than other types of balustrade. Key features of glass balustrade include its elegance, long-lasting features and customisable options.

Now that your clients are fixated on a glass balustrade, consider the following 3 tips before installing a glass balustrade at your client’s home.

1. Agree on the Design

Your clients might be renovating their property, undergoing an extension or building a new home. Ultimately, they want to design a house that will impress. A glass balustrade is an eye-catching feature that can either be installed frameless or semi-frameless. You can choose to have the glass panels installed between posts or surface mounted on the side. With a variety of handrails available in different stainless steel profiles including round, square, rectangle and slotted tube, your clients will have endless choices. Further, our stainless steel products are available in stain or mirror finish and can be fabricated from 304 (standard-grade) and 316 (marine-grade) stainless steel.

2. Perform Necessary Checks

Installing a glass balustrade requires care. It is important that you understand your client’s requirements so that you can proceed to perform necessary checks prior to installing the glass balustrade. These checks may involve:

  • Consulting with the builder, architect or engineer;
  • Ensuring that any permits, approvals and/or consents have been obtained;
  • Checking regulations to understand that appropriate installation method and to ensure suitable fittings are being used;
  • Understanding the surrounding structure and loads; and
  • Asking the clients for any additional information.

3. Obtain Appropriate Materials

At Keble’s Trading, we stock premium glass panels, fittings and parts that have been fabricated from reliable materials sourced from manufacturers that follow strict quality assurance practices. From face mount hinges to latch kits and more, we have no shortage of tailored solutions for you to choose from. Bring your plans to us and our team of experts will be happy to source the right supplies for your project. From toughened glass panels as small as 400 mm x 1200 mm through to larger options that measure 1200 mm x 1200 mm, you are sure to find something in our range that suits your client’s requirements and budget.

Keble’s Trading stocks high quality stainless steel and glass panels for glass balustrade. Your clients will be pleased with an elegant, long-lasting and customised glass balustrade that has been fabricated from rust resistant stainless steel and durable toughened glass. Enquire with Keble’s Trading today by calling 1800 067 687 or visiting one of the four showrooms.

What styles of glass balustrade are you installing for your clients? Share your experiences below.

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