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Benefits of Using Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades are an architect’s and builder’s best choice. They offer an unobstructed view of the surrounding environment and allow the darkest voids in your property to fill with light. They can be maintained to remain sparkling clean and impress your visitors with an eye-catching feature that they will not forget.

Here are a few benefits of using glass balustrades:

Safety Features

Whether you are designing your new staircase or are about to install a pool fence, glass balustrades offer unrivalled safety and security features. Typical 10 mm toughened glass is common in almost all applications where frameless glass is required. Thicker dimensions are available, in particular for pool fences where 12 mm toughened glass is recommended.

Low Maintenance Costs

Glass is easy to clean and retains its shape all the time. It does not stain or warp, and is not susceptible to corrosion or mould. It is ideal in any location regardless of the moisture level in the air. As a result, no painting, treatment or replacement is required because it lasts a long time and serves its purpose day in and day out.

Enhanced Views

Glass balustrades allow you to see the surrounding environment without having to lean over it. Offering a completely transparent view with panoramic angles, no wonder glass balustrade is the premier selection for everyone. Not only does it help to lighten up your home, it also ensures that your loved ones and pets can be easily seen from far places.

Design your next glass balustrade and order the supplies at Keble’s Trading. Visit your local store or speak to a consultant on 1800 067 687.

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