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Sunday, 15th April 2018 Handrails

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Glass Balustrade for Your Home?

Glass balustrades are ideal for staircases, balconies, patios, decks and much more. At Keble’s Trading, we stock glass panels in either 10 mm or 12 mm thickness, with panel heights of either 850 mm, 950 mm, 970 mm and 1200 mm and variable widths. These panels are heat soaked for extra durability and strength to greatly minimise the likelihood of breakage. We also stock a wide range of stainless steel accessories that complement the glass panels.

To help you understand more about glass balustrades, the following responses to frequently asked questions might help.

Why Install Glass Balustrade?

Glass balustrades create the illusion that there is more space without compromising on safety and security. It helps to brighten your property and ensures that you have full visibility of all parts of your property including your pets, children and loved ones. With frameless glass panels that will seamlessly integrate into your existing property’s décor, our wider selection of glass panels can provide you with panoramic views of your surrounds.

What Are the Benefits of Glass Balustrade?

Our glass panels and stainless steel accessories conform to Australia’s strict standards and regulations. Here are a few benefits of glass balustrade:

– Easy to clean and maintain.
– Does not warp, peel, split, stain, tarnish or fade.
– Does not require oiling or painting.
– Suitable in wet, cold, hot and humid conditions.
– Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.
– Fully customisable options available.
– Durable, strong and sturdy for added security and safety.

5 Things to Consider When Buying Glass Balustrade?

Before buying glass balustrade, you will need to consider where you want to install the glass balustrade, the design, the finishes and its practicality. You might want to consult with an architect, designer and/or engineer to ensure that what you have in your mind can be fabricated and installed.

Here are a 5 things to consider:

1) Ensure that you consult with a professional to obtain their independent view.
2) Be careful not to over-complicate the project. Simple is always better.
3) Will you need to make other modifications to the property to accommodate the glass balustrade?
4) Think about the long-term. Will you be able to access and maintain it?
5) What accessories will you need to complement the glass balustrade?

Who Should Install Glass Balustrade?

Although glass balustrades look simple, they need to be installed correctly. In addition, all building works must comply with Australian standards and regulations and appropriate permits must be sought before commencing work. It is advisable to engage the services of a professional glass balustrade installer who has the experience, knowledge and tools. We prefer that you engage the professional prior to purchasing the glass panels and stainless steel supplies so that you know the right quantities, measurements and parts required.

Add a touch of elegance to your home with a new glass balustrade from Keble’s Trading. We stock glass panels and all stainless steel accessories to help you source all the supplies for your next project at one shop. Call 1800 067 687 today.

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