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General Disclaimer

Product information e.g., dimension, pricing, availability, quoted on product pages and on every other page of this website are intended to be used for reference only. If product dimensions are critical to your application, please contact us for assistance. Keble’s Trading Pty. Ltd. strongly recommend that you confirm all relevant details before ordering as information is subject to change without prior notice.

Handrail and Balustrade Components

Keble’s Trading makes no recommendations or claims for the performance and mechanical properties of Stainless Steel and or materials and accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any unsatisfactory outcome, unsuitable application or installation of these components.

Furthermore, Keble’s Trading Pty Ltd makes no recommendations and takes no responsibility for the use of any components or products used in the installation of any Balustrading and Handrail system designs.

The responsibility of ALL design and choice of component for compliance to Australian Standard and relevant codes lies solely with the purchaser. Please consult appropriate authorities and or the advice of professional persons for information on correct design and installation techniques.

Rigging & Fittings

  1. Commercial rigging fittings are not rated and must not be used for any tensioning, suspension, load-bearing/lifting applications, or other purposes subject to control by statutory requirements.
  2. Rigging screws are batch tested only. Lifting applications require an individual certificate of proof test to be supplied.
  3. Hardware chain of commercial quality is suitable for general use only. Not suitable for lifting, suspension, under load, or any application subject to control by statutory authorities/requirements.

Wire Rope

  1. Breaking strains provided for wire rope are indicative only.
  2. Information on wire rope product pages should only be used as a guide; information may vary according to manufacturing specifications.
  3. Check tensile strength (Grade) and MBS (Minimum Breaking Strain) at time of order to confirm appropriateness of information.
  4. Additional sizes of wire rope are available on request.

Lever blocks NR-2 and VR-2

Pacific Hoists would like to take this opportunity to advise users of the more popular “free-wheeling” type lever blocks that there is usually a minimum load requirement to ensure that the braking system remains operative and continues to support the load. In most cases, this minimum load requirement can be up to 10% of the Working Load Limit of the lever block – i.e. 150 kg for a 1.5 Tonne Lever Block, 300kg for a 3 Tonne unit etc.

There is a possibility that should the load not be sufficient to activate the braking system that the unit could malfunction and it is for this reason that free-wheeling type lever blocks should not be used in tandem. Should one of the units being used as a pair take an increase in the shared load and the other is reduced to below the minimum as stated above, then the one with the reduced share of the load may suffer from an inoperative brake and the load could fall.Pacific Hoists Pty Ltd markets 2 types of Vital Lever Block. The NR type has a “free-wheeling” braking system which falls into the above category and the VR type which has a “lock-in and lock-out” braking system.

The Vital NR lever block is ideal for use where fast, one-handed operation of the free-wheeling system is required.

The Vital VR lever block is the more traditional style with a free-wheeling system requiring the disengagement of the gear drive mechanism, something that is impossible with any load suspended on it. Pacific Hoists Pty Ltd advise that both models comply with relevant Australian Standards.

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