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Monday, 30th July 2018 Wire Rope

7 Tips on Where to Buy Wire Rope in Australia

In an earlier blog, What You Need To Know Before You Buy Wire Rope in Australia, we shared our tips on what you should consider before purchasing wire rope for your next project. For example, you will need to consider the wire rope’s application to determine the strength of the rope required. In addition, you should also consider the environmental factors that might affect the wire rope once installed.

To help you make the right decision, here are 7 tips on where to buy wire rope in Australia.

1. Expertise

Make sure you receive the right advice from trusted and experienced wire rope suppliers in Australia who will help save you time and money by getting it right the first time. Although wire rope looks simple, there are many factors to consider before you can make the most appropriate choice.


Wire rope is used in architecture, lifting, fishing, marine, agriculture, crane works, elevators or construction, to name a few. We stock wire rope in sizes between and including 0.01mm to 50.00mm in diameter to suit your specific requirements and applications.

3. Strength Capabilities

Depending on the strand and wire combinations and diameter, the strength of wire rope affects the minimum breaking strength, safe loads and its weight. We stock wire rope in various strand and wire combinations that come in various lengths depending on your needs.

4. Testing Facility

At Keble’s Trading, we conduct our own in-house testing services on our internal 100T test bed to certify cables and ropes for lifting, structural and load bearing applications. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your desired wire rope product can be tested so that the necessary assurance is provided before installation.

5. Rust Resistant Features

We stock stainless steel wire rope in 304 general purpose standard grade, or 316 marine grade. For those using wire rope in harsher environments like marine, chemical or water application, the 316 marine grade is recommended. We also stock wire rope in a galvanised finish which offers extra protection against corrosion as the steel is coated with a layer of zinc.

6. UV Protection Features

For wire rope that is softer to touch, more flexible and resistant to the harsh rays of the sun, the PVC coated wire rope is your best choice. This will prevent the wire rope fading and splitting, and is ideal for applications where safety is an important factor too.

7. Access to Equipment

In addition to a supplier stocking wire rope, it is ideal if they also stock wire rope tools and accessories. At Keble’s Trading, we stock various cutters, swages, rope pullers, inserts, swagging tools (manual and automatic), and much more.

Wire rope continues to be the material of choice because it can be applied in many ways. At Keble’s Trading, we are a leading supplier of quality wire ropes, and associated tools and accessories, in Australia. . Visit us today at one of our showrooms in Dandenong, Laverton North, Campbellfield and Kilsyth, or call us on 1800 067 687.

When was the last time you used wire rope? Why did you choose wire rope and how did you use it?

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