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Magnet Lifting

The Science of Magnet Lifting: How Do Magnets Work to Lift Heavy Objects?

Types of Magnet Lifters When referring to magnetic properties, magnet lifters can be categorised into three (3) types: permanent magnet lifter, electromagnet

Wednesday, 26th April 2023 | Materials Handling
types of Lifting Slings

Understanding the Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Types of Lifting Slings

Types of Lifting Slings Lifting slings are primarily used for commercial construction purposes because their use is to assist with easily transporting large,

Monday, 19th December 2022 | Materials Handling

Tips To Pick The Right Sling For Your Lifting Job

Seasoned construction managers are aware of the importance of selecting the right sling for the job, however with many now available in the market, it can som

Wednesday, 20th April 2022 | Materials Handling
Types of Hoisting Equipment

Types of Hoisting Equipment and Their Uses – Keble’s Trading

In this blog we will share some insights on Types of Hoisting Equipment and Their Uses. Hoisting involves lifting materials and placing them in another locati

Sunday, 15th August 2021 | Materials Handling

How to Choose the Ideal Lifting Equipment?

Lifting equipment is necessary for commercial and industrial applications. These items are a popular choice among industries including transport, road, steel,

Monday, 17th February 2020 | Materials Handling
Material handling equipment

Material Handling Equipment in Australia – All You Need to Know

These pieces of equipment are the product of innovative engineering to help make lifting and moving materials easy. Save time and effort with tailored materia

Wednesday, 30th October 2019 | Materials Handling
Construction Lifting Equipment

Construction Lifting Equipment – The Ultimate Buying Guide

On site, you want the comfort of knowing that you are using premium lifting and hoisting equipment that will operate efficiently and reliably every time. Good

Tuesday, 16th April 2019 | Materials Handling

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Lifting Chains & Slings

Whether you are moving heavy objects in the mining, engineering, transport, construction or agricultural sectors, we stock various types of equipment to suits

Wednesday, 19th December 2018 | Materials Handling

5 Tips on Selecting the Right Lifting Equipment

Some of these industries include transport, road, steel, mining, oil, gas, marine, rail and construction. Keble’s Trading caters to all industries and stock

Tuesday, 18th December 2018 | Materials Handling
Stainless Steel Fittings

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Stainless Steel Fittings

Whether you operate in construction, manufacturing, engineering, rigging, or as a trade professional, we stock stainless steel eye nuts, turnbuckles, thimbles

Friday, 14th December 2018 | Materials Handling
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