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How to Install Glass Balustrade?

We stock high-quality fittings, handrails and infills to complete your glass balustrade project. We understand that finding the right fittings and accessories to suit your design is important. Members of our team are willing to view your plans and assist you in providing a tailored solution to your requirements.

Here are a few tips to consider when you install your glass balustrade. Whilst we recommend a professional Installer, a DIY property renovators or owner-builders will find our fittings and accessories are easy to use.

Correct Measurements

Be sure to have the right measurements. Use measure tapes, laser measuring tools, set squares, spirit levellers, and various angle measuring tools to ensure that you are accounting for the intricacies of the surfaces you wish to construct your balustrade on. Whilst it is time consuming and tedious, having a piece of glass or a handrail out of alignment will be noticeable.

Designs and Plans

Think about your plans and designs. Be sure to comply with any regulations and Australian Standards. When deciding about materials, colours, fitting designs and accessory designs, be sure to consider the environment, location, lighting, contrast with the house, and safety considerations. For example, materials will differ if you are living closer to a seaside location or a high polluted in city suburb.

Care and Patience

Installing your glass balustrade requires the correct tools and equipment. Furthermore, you need to handle the glass, fittings and accessories with care. Exercising patience will ensure that you do not make mistakes. We will supply you with fittings that have been cut to the correct length so all you have to do is assemble the job on site.

We offer nationwide delivery services. Call us on 1800 067 687 to discuss your project with us.

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