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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Glass Balustrade for your Home

As a builder in Melbourne, you want to build long-lasting glass balustrades with quality glass panels and stainless-steel fittings. Your clients will be pleased when they are shown a professionally installed finish product that is elegant and retains its look and structural integrity into the future.

At Keble’s Trading, we stock all the parts, tools and accessories you need to construct an eye-catching glass balustrade for your clients. Whether your clients want a glass balustrade installed indoors or outdoors, we have them! We have various sized glass panels, complementing stainless steel fittings in either a polish or satin finish made from either 304 (standard) or 316 (marine) grade steel and supportive staff that can assist you to select the right products for your job.

Here are our 5 tips for choosing the right glass balustrade for your client’s home:

1. Do Your Research

To ensure you select the correct size, type and quality of glass panels and stainless steel fittings, do your research and consult with the client. Make sure that appropriate permissions, permits and licences have been sought so that the installation of the glass balustrade is not compromised. Patience and care is required so that the glass balustrade remains structurally sound.

2. Complement the Design of The Property

Your clients want you to provide your insight as to how to make the glass balustrade complement the existing look, or new design, of the property. You need to keep up with the latest designs to ensure that you can provide helpful design tips so your clients are comfortable with your opinion. For example, you might consider a postless glass stair balustrade that is supported by the handrail since it provides a wide and uninterrupted view.

3. Glass Panel Specifications

Our glass insert panels are fabricated from quality toughened glass. We stock glass in either 10 or 12 mm and we can fabricate panel dimensions according to your design specification. Our frameless panels with either polished or bevelled edges are easy to clean, resistant to environmental conditions, and retain its shape and look for years to come. These considerations are important, so much so that the glass balustrade you install requires less maintenance over the long-term.

4. Choice of Accessories

Our extensive range of balustrade accessories offers widespread appeal for our trade clients, as everything is available from the one convenient location. You will find a range of products from glass clamps of various sizes to suit panels of different thickness, to stainless steel studs, stand-offs and spigots for pool fencing construction.

5. Customise the Glass Balustrade

We offer fully customisable options for your glass balustrade to suit the look and feel of your property. Whether you are after round edges or modern straight lines, our glass panels and balustrade accessories allow you to personalise your new installation. Provide your clients with options so that they can consider a glass balustrade that will set their property apart.

A glass balustrade can enhance a simple indoor and outdoor area with elegance and style. Lighten up areas of the home, or make spaces look bigger, with glass balustrades and complementing stainless steel fittings. Call us on 1800 067 687 or visit your local Keble’s Trading showroom in Dandenong, Laverton, Campbellfield or Kilsyth to discover how you can beautify your home without affecting the existing look of the property and your budget.

Are you planning to install a glass balustrade at your home? Share your plans and thoughts in the comments section below.

Glass Balustrade Maintenance Tips – Keble’s Trading

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