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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Stainless Steel Handrails

Our stainless-steel handrails are available in many designs, finishes and materials. Whether you are after a square, round, rectangle or slotted tube design, we stock them all. We also offer the complete range of accessories including joiners, end caps, brackets, cover plates, rail supports, standoffs, clamps, and other necessary parts to fulfil your project.

Here is a quick guide to the handrails that we stock:

  • Round welded tubes in either a mirror or satin finish, with sizes ranging from 12.7 x 1.2 mm to 50.8 x 1.6 mm.
  • Rectangle tubes in either a mirror or satin finish, fashioned from marine grade and rust- resistant 316 stainless steel in sizes ranging from 50.8 x 10 x 1.5 mm to 50 x 25 x 1.6 mm.
  • Square tubes available in stain finish in sizes ranging from 12.7 x 1.6 mm to 50.8 x 1.6 mm and available in standard grade (304) and marine grade (316) stainless steel.
  • Slotted tubes available in either satin or mirror finish with a standard 2-inch diameter available in various lengths.

Many of our happy clients in Melbourne asked these initial questions when they sought our help. Have a read and feel free to let us know if you have other queries in the comments section.

Why Choose Stainless Steel Handrails?

Available in a range of sizes for you to choose from depending on your needs, our stainless steel products are constructed from the highest quality materials and components for maximum strength, durability and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel is easy to maintain and clean and requires minimum care. It can withstand the elements in nature and will last a life time.

Stainless steel handrails can also go well with glass or wire balustrade, and can be customised to suit your design specification.

What Are 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Stainless Steel Handrail?

Here are 5 tips to help you choose the right stainless steel handrail:

1. Consider your design specification and building requirements. Ensure that compliance, safety and regulatory standards are followed.
2. If your property is closer to the seaside, choose marine grade 316 stainless steel.
3. Take the right measurements and ensure that you consult an architect and engineer regarding structural matters, loads and reinforcements.  
4. Make sure to select similar design accessories to match your eye-catching handrail.  
5. Complement your stainless steel handrail with wire rope, glass or steel inserts for an enhanced and attractive look.

Are Stainless Steel Handrails Easy to Install?

Stainless steel handrails are easy to install provided you have taken the correct measurements, have the right tools and have installation experience. We recommend a qualified professional install stainless steel handrail to ensure that safety standards and building regulations are met. Also, make sure that you have obtained the necessary permits. The handrail will last a life time and serve its purpose if correct installation procedures are followed.

What Are the Benefits of Stainless Steel Handrail?

Add beauty to your home or business with a new stainless steel handrail while meeting safety and building regulations. With minimalist features and a striking appearance, stainless steel handrail is a subtle way to complement the plaster, wood and carpet in your property with a metallic tone.

Here are some of the benefits of stainless steel handrail:

– Does not requiring painting, coating or oiling.
– Easy to clean and maintain.
– Does not warp, crack or bleed.
– Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
– Easy to install with no fuss.

Stainless steel handrail is a versatile option that can complement your home or business in many ways internally and externally. You will have no difficulty finding the right handrail for your project at Keble’s Trading. Call 1800 067 687 today.

Join the conversation below. Do you have any tips regarding choosing right stainless steel handrails? What worked well with your project?

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