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What You Need To Know Before You Buy Glass Balustrade in Australia

Whether you are planning to update your existing balustrade or install a new balustrade, we stock quality products to suit your individual style, needs and budget. Not only do we stock the glass insert panels, we stock all the accessories including handrails, posts, clamps, brackets, hinges and much more. All of our stainless steel products are available in either standard grade (304) or marine grade (316) and are fabricated in either a mirror or satin finish.

Here are a few things to consider before you buy glass balustrade.

Permits and regulations

Make sure to check whether you require any building permits before you install your glass balustrade. Especially for a decking, balcony or pool fence, specific regulations exist which need to be adhered to. Engage a qualified architect if you are unsure. For example, typical 10 mm toughened glass is common in almost all applications where frameless glass is required. Thicker dimensions are available, in particular for pool fences where 12 mm toughened glass is recommended.

Dimensions and design

Make sure you do your homework. Ensure that your plans are accurate and contain dimensions, angles and notes about materials without error. Engaging an architect or engineer to ensure that all aspects of the build are covered so that no surprises arise. Whilst it might look simple to you, construction of a balustrade can be complex and risky. To get you started, we are more than happy to guide you.

Operation and maintenance

Glass is easy to clean and retains its shape all the time. It does not stain or warp, and is not susceptible to corrosion or mould. It is ideal in any location regardless of the moisture level in the air. As a result, no painting, treatment or replacement is required because it lasts a long time and serves its purpose day in and day out.

Talk to the professionals at Keble’s Trading on 1800 067 687 to discuss the specifics of your new glass balustrade.

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