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Everything You Need to Know About Buying Stainless Steel Balustrade Kits

Whether you’re a trade customer, a carpenter who may build the occasional outdoor deck for a client, or whether you’re a budding DIY enthusiast, this article will provide a helpful and informative read before beginning your next exciting project.

Keble’s Trading is often approached for stainless steel balustrade kits due to our extensive supply range, examples of our work in-situ, product knowledge, ability to provide tailored client solutions, as well as connecting our community with relevant clients and trades clientele to complete jobs.

In this article, we will cover the most commonly asked questions and processes regarding stainless-steel balustrades and stainless-steel balustrade kits.

When deciding on balustrade components for your next project, whether it be for a commercial project or a small domestic job that you are installing yourself, Keble’s Trading has the relevant supplies, materials and knowledge to help you complete the job. When you give us a call to discuss your job requirements, we’ll have an initial discussion by asking you about various aspects of your project including;

  •   What type of project are you completing?
•   What type of balustrading are you looking for? Is it square or rectangle?
•   What type of posts are you after (e.g. is it 50mm)?
•   What type of finish are you looking for (e.g. matte black powdercoat)?
•   Do you need us to provide you with the relevant certifications?
•   Are you looking for grade 316 or grade strain 314?
•   What is the breaking strain?
•   Are you looking to install the balustrading yourself, or will you be hiring a fabricator to install for you?
•   Do you need us to recommend an installer for you?

Based on this information collected from you, we can suggest balustrade components and or full kits which would be best suited to you to complete the job.

Stainless-steel balustrades are used in many indoor and outdoor applications and can provide excellent aesthetics for your project through their safety and design features. It is essential to choose the right type of stainless-steel balustrade and components from a safety perspective to ensure you adhere to the building regulations for safety. At Keble’s Trading, we stock numerous types of stainless-steel balustrade kits with their necessary components, so you can safely choose a product that is both pleasing to the eye and safe for your customers.

Stainless Steel Balustrading Kit Supplier

The reason we specialise in supplying only stainless-steel balustrade and stainless-steel balustrade kits is due to its exceptional variability to deliver across a number of industry settings and uses, the overall aesthetics of the kids and its propensity to withstand harsh Australian weather conditions due to its excellent durability.

Our stainless-steel balustrade fittings are manufactured from Grade 316 stainless steel and are used throughout Australia for architecturally designed finishes. We source our products meticulously from reputable manufacturers to ensure you receive consistent steel at a competitive price.

Depending on your project type, we have listed three options that should be considered to help you make an informed decision on which type is best suited.

Wire Infill Options

One of the most commonly found and used kits are known as wire-based kits. Wire balustrade kits will have all of the necessary components you need to attach and secure the wire to timber and metal posts (note: wire rope can be purchased separately). This type of kit is ideal for a property that already has timber or metal frames in place for the posts and with the top border of the fencing or barrier ready. The wire is strung tightly between the posts to create the balustrade. These kits generally do not include wire cutters, so you will need cutters and a swaging tool to ensure a very secure attachment of the wire. If you need assistance to cut the wire rope to various lengths, test the wire rope or even transport it, our friendly team will be able to assist with all things wire rope.

Full Kits

A full kit generally refers to a kit that contains your posts, caps and your balustrade in one ready to go set. The full kits can be utilised for both residential and commercial projects depending on the specification and requirements of the job.

These kits are ideal if you have a balustrade fitting contractor to install the kit, or if you have the knowledge on how to execute this project yourself. Balustrading kits can also provide a cost-effective solution to complete your job if you have the skills and expertise to manage the project delivery.

If you’re unsure about which kit would work best for your project, we would suggest giving us a call to talk to one of our friendly staff members about the requirements of your project. Once we are clear on the specifics of the type of project, the scope of the project, the installation of the project as well as the product required, we will be able to provide a tailored solution for you.

For all queries, give us a call today on 1800 067 687.

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