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Everything you need to know about Stainless Steel Wire Rope Balustrade

Wire balustrade promotes greater visibility of the surrounds and a durable safety barrier.

If installed correctly and maintained appropriately, stainless steel wire rope balustrade can enhance the look of your residential or commercial property and suits most decors and designs. Wire rope balustrade can be customised to suit your exact needs and preferences and can be installed at the perimeter of a balcony, deck, patio, portico, staircase, mezzanine, or other indoor or outdoor space.

We stock wire rope balustrade fittings and stainless steel wire balustrade fittings to satisfy the requirements of your project. Once you have considered the design of your project in accordance with applicable building and safety standards we can assist you in sourcing your specific components, tools and accessories to complete the job with a minimal about of fuss and effort on your part.

Here is a list of 6 things you should know about stainless steel wire rope balustrade. If you have any other questions about stainless steel wire rope balustrade, including our product range, please contact us on 1800 067 687.

1. Reliable and sturdy

Stainless steel is a reliable and strong material. You can fabricate the entire wire rope balustrade using stainless steel handrails, fittings and accessories. Stainless steel is available in both standard grade 304 and marine grade 316 stainless steel. The latter type of stainless steel has additional protective properties against marine conditions, including salt deposits, and is suitable for properties located closer to the seaside.

Given its high tensile strength, high-temperature resistance and durability qualities, stainless steel is a suitable candidate for balustrades including at properties in bushfire prone areas.

2. Safe and secure

Stainless steel wire rope balustrade is safe and secure. Provided the design of the balustrade meets building standards and the installation uses correct components and procedures, the wire rope balustrade should assist in preventing hazards and last a lifetime.

Stainless steel is child and pet friendly and the wire ropes should be spaced evenly throughout the frame in accordance with applicable standards. As opposed to full glass panels, stainless steel wire rope balustrade will allow items to pass through so ensure that you monitor activities when the area is in use to avoid possessions being lost or damaged.

3. Design to suit your preferences

As a clean and attractive option compared to other types of balustrade, stainless steel wire rope can be designed to suit your preferences. While the wire rope is available in various formations, you can customise your stainless steel wire rope balustrade by choosing handrails, posts and accessories.

Given its minimalist features, the balustrade offers an unimposing look that will complement the other aspects of your property while serving an important function at the border of the indoor or outdoor space.

4. Versatile

You can install stainless steel wire rope balustrade both inside and outside the property. You can customise the design of the balustrade including the height, form and layout. Wire rope balustrade can be used at the border of an indoor or outdoor space, but even inside rooms where sections need to be formed in commercial spaces.

Ideal for both residential and commercial properties, stainless steel wire rope balustrade is a worry-free feature and will not compromise the look and feel of the property.

5. Easy to install and maintain

Stainless steel wire rope balustrade is easy to install and maintain. With all the parts and accessories from Keble’s Trading, you can complete your project without having to shop around. Stainless steel wire rope fittings and balustrade can be installed by a professional or as a DIY project. If you want to take on the challenge yourself, you should consider investing in quality tools and equipment.

This will help to ensure that the installation of the balustrade is not compromised by incorrect techniques or procedures. During the life of the balustrade, clean regularly and ensure that you use only special stainless steel treatment lotions and a soft cloth with lukewarm water to clean. You will maintain the aesthetic appeal of the balustrade with this simple process.

6. Visibility and ventilation

Stainless steel wire rope balustrade offers undisrupted views of the surroundings and enhances ventilation. Avoid blocking out the views of your neighbouring environment and allow light to penetrate through and naturally brighten the space. In addition, the wire rope balustrade is ideal for properties in warmer climates where the breeze helps to keep people cool during the day.

At Keble’s Trading, we stock stainless steel wire rope and stainless steel balustrade components. You can visit us in-store, order over the phone or by email, pick-up in-store or have your items delivered to your door. For enquiries about our products or placing an order, email us at or contact us on 1800 067 687.

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Balustrade FAQs

Question: Are wire balustrades safe?

Answer: Yes. Wire balustrades are made from safe materials that have been designed to not be sharp or harmful to humans or their pets. Provided the wire balustrade has been correctly installed and maintained appropriately, it should not pose a threat to occupants or visitors.

Question: How much does wire balustrading cost?

Answer: The cost of wire balustrading varies depending on the type and size of the project. For a cost estimate, let us know what parts you require, the quantity of each and the length of materials such as stainless steel wire rope and stainless steel handrails.

Question: How strong is stainless steel wire?

Answer: Stainless steel wire is strong and durable and made from a composite alloy that will not crack or break (unless subject to excessive stress or strain). When stainless steel wire is used as a balustrade it offers a safe and sturdy barrier at the permitter of the open or closed space.

Question: Will stainless steel wire rust?

Answer: Typically, genuine stainless steel wire does not rust. If the material has been damaged, exposed to harmful chemicals or worn due to excessive use or age, it may corrode. Otherwise, stainless steel has rust resistant properties and is an ideal candidate for both indoor and outdoor use.

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