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PVC Wire vs Galvanized Steel wire rope – What is the Difference & Uses

We stock stainless steel wire rope in sizes 0.30mm-20mm diameter, galvanized wire rope in 1.6mm-48mm diameter and PVC coated wire rope in various thicknesses all at competitive prices to suit your specific needs. Our wire rope and stainless steel cables are sourced from reliable suppliers and are tested to comply with the relevant Australian standards. Both types of wire rope are used in general industry, construction, marine, manufacturing, mining, agriculture, farming, utilities building and infrastructure projects in private, public and government sectors.

Available in various constructions, sizes and finishes, wire rope is a versatile material that is typically used in applications such as lifting, hoisting, pulling, restraining, bracing, anchoring, retaining, hauling, securing, supporting, re-enforcement, fencing, barriers and many more.

Plastic coated wire rope and galvanized steel wire rope are two common types of rope. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to understand the differences between the wire, your application’s requirements and the environment in which the wire rope will be used in order to select the right type for your project.

Here are six important characteristics of PVC wire and galvanized steel wire that highlight the differences and uses.

1. Abrasion resistance

PVC coated wire rope helps protect the wires and strands from abrasions making it more resistant to wear and tear. This can be a useful quality of the wire rope when it is being used in high frictional applications over pulleys on gym equipment, cranes, lifting equipment, conveyors, elevators etc.

2. Marine protection

Galvanised wire rope will eventually rust and corrode if exposed to regular salty, wet conditions or adverse environmental conditions. While galvanized wire rope is intended for outdoor use and can withstand exposure to chemicals, it is not suitable if exposed to regular marine conditions. PVC coated wire rope is a flexible variety that can be used in marine conditions, including regions where the temperatures are very low as the frost will not damage the PVC coating.

3. Durability

Galvanised steel wire rope is steel coated in zinc. Stainless steel wire rope is steel mixed with chromium. While galvanized steel has properties to protect it from prolonged moisture, stainless steel is a tougher material. The zinc coating that makes galvanized steel wire rope will eventually wear off. PVC coated stainless steel wire rope has superior strength and excellent corrosion resistance. The plastic sheath seals the metallic wire rope from external conditions. This adds to the durability of the wire rope.

4. UV protection

PVC coated wire rope helps protect the wire rope from the harsh effects of the sun. UV rays can damage metallic components over time when left exposed to the sun on a daily basis and can cause structural and mechanical damage over time. The plastic coating protects the wire rope to ensure it retains its integrity during use. PVC coated wire rope also has anti-cracking features. However, unreasonable stress or strain on the wire rope will cause cracking to the wire rope itself that the PVC coating will not protect.

5. Aesthetics

Galvanized wire rope has a traditional metallic color, whereas the color of PVC coated wire rope can be tailored to suit your needs. The color of the wire rope can be an important factor if you are using the wire rope in a manner where the look of it is crucial. Without a coating, wire rope has an unappealing luster. Beyond aesthetics, PVC coating also protects the wire from harsh environmental conditions.

6. Safety

The smooth coating over PVC wire rope makes it easier and more comfortable to handle, hold and touch compared to bare steel wire rope. Over time bare wire rope deteriorates and can become unsafe with barbs or prickles developing on the surface of the wire rope. If it needs to be frequently handled, rubbed against or touched for any reason, this can become an unsafe situation. Typically, this needs to be considered when using wire rope in areas such as playgrounds, safety barriers, animal enclosure and public spaces.

At Keble’s Trading, we supply wire rope that can be used in many applications. We stock PVC coated wire rope and galvanized steel wire rope for your review and selection. Rely on wire rope products from Keble’s Trading that you can trust. We can deliver our products to you Australia wide. If you would like to enquire about our wire rope products, or place an order with us, please contact us on 1800 067 687.

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