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Frameless Glass Fencing
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6 Safety Benefits of Frameless Glass Fencing

Safest Option for Poolside Fencing

Frameless glass is the home or property owner’s preferred choice for aesthetics, but this option also provides the highest number of safety benefits including,

  • More difficult for children to climb
  • Less gaps for children or animals to get stuck in
  • Unobstructed views to easily keep an eye on pool-users
  • Durability and strength with toughened and laminated glass

Much Easier to Maintain Than Traditional Fencing Options

Frameless glass is easy to maintain and clean as there are hardly any nooks and crannies where dirt or dust can be trapped. Simply add warm water to a cloth or window-specific cleaner, and most dust, debris and dirt will easily come off without issue. Keeping your glass clean can help reduce the risk of visual obstruction into the pool and therefore periodic maintenance adds as a level of safety.

It is Durable and Built to Last

By compliance, glass is toughened during the manufacturing process to include a laminate and is tempered so that it’s not easily shattered as well as there being no sharp edges or points along the panels. This ensures that the glass is durable and will not compromise on safety when used around your family’s pool, as glass balustrade staircase or to frame off your balcony.

Manufactured by Compliance For Your Peace of Mind

All frameless glass sold by a reputable distributor is made in accordance with the Australian Building Standards of each state using only high-quality materials, including laminated protection from splintering and sharp surfaces/edges. The glass is also tempered for durability and will not shatter easily. Frameless glass is further manufactured to comply with each state’s regulatory standards of thickness.

Pest Control

Because frameless glass has fewer gaps, spiders and wasps have fewer areas to establish nests and cause a nuisance. With a clean, smooth finish, you can be confident that no one will cover their hand over a potential health and safety danger, saving you the cost of pest treatment and avoiding a potential medical incident.

A Fantastic Windbreaker

When frameless glass is positioned at a height or facing an open area, it can act as a great windbreaker option. The sturdy and durable material not only keeps out a cold chill, but also acts as a safety barrier that stops and traps dirt, debris, and objects that can be carried by the wind.

So, if you’ve been considering frameless glass fencing as a visually appealing alternative to more standard solutions, it’s worth understanding why this material is also the safest for projects where safety is a top priority.

Here at Keble’s Trading, we are a leading distributor of high-quality frameless glass and stock standard sized panels, however, we can order in custom-sized for your specific requirements. Give us a call today or visit our website for more information.

Frameless Glass Fencing FAQs:

Question: What is frameless glass?

Answer: Frameless glass is toughened, tempered glass panels that are used in projects as a safety barrier. The inclusion of advanced technology lamination during the manufacturing process makes it sturdy, strong and reliable. By making sure that it doesn’t obstruct any views, framed glass is used for both its functional benefits and its aesthetic appeal.

Question: How safe are glass balustrades?

Answer: If manufactured in accordance with legislative and the Australian Building Standards, glass balustrades are a suitable option for balustrades.

Question: How do you clean glass balustrades?

Answer: Glass balustrades require little to no maintenance once installed and may only require an occasional wipe down to clean any accumulated dirt and debris. A simple solution of hot, soapy water soaked into a cloth, or using window cleaning wipes is enough to clean and maintain the sheen of your glass balustrades.

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