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Wednesday, 30th October 2019 Materials Handling

Material Handling Equipment in Australia – All You Need to Know

These pieces of equipment are the product of innovative engineering to help make lifting and moving materials easy. Save time and effort with tailored material handling equipment that make repetitive tasks simple and avoid unnecessary health and safety breaches.

At Keble’s Trading we stock the following material handling equipment: drum clamps, spring balancers, load skates, magnetic lifters, trolleys, lever hoists, chain blocks, air hoists, electric hoists and trolleys, entertainment hoists, hydraulic hoists, plate clamps, and slings, chains, lifting accessories and more. All materials handling equipment is to Australian standards that we know that our products will operate effectively for the intended purpose.

What is Material Handling Equipment?

Material handling equipment make lifting and moving an object easy. To help make your project operate more efficiently, invest in quality equipment to handle materials. There are different types of material handling equipment that suit different purposes.

For example, if you want to move a barrel or drum filled with contents, our drum clamps are ideal so that the barrel or drum can be secured ready for moving. Or, if you need to roll something into position, our load skates are ideal for this purpose as they can withstand weights of up to 18.75 tonnes.

All stock we supply is manufactured to Australian Standard that have been constructed with performance and useability features in mind. Our stocked material handling equipment items include KitoPWB, Pacific Hoist, RUD and Auslift.

We understand quality and ensure that all products have been selected to meet a specific consumer demand. We are certain that you will find the most appropriate and adequate material handling equipment in our range.

Types of Material Handling Equipment

Here are some types of material handling equipment we sell:

– Drum clamps: Position your drum or barrel of up to 3 tonnes horizontally or vertically to effectively move it from one position to another.
– Spring balancers: Suspend tools from the top to effectively operate in your project to improve efficiency and decrease worker fatigue.
– Load skates: An essential tool to aid the moving, positioning or installation of a wide range of loads, including heavy equipment, and machinery.
– Magnetic lifter: Lift metallic objects with ease with these lifting devices that have been tested to comply with AS4991.2004.
– Air hoists and trolleys: Air hoists and trolleys with wire rope or chains are popular in manufacturing and industrial facilities that come in different composition and sizes that cater to your specific lifting needs.
– Plate clamps: Plate clamps provide a safe and appropriate way for lifting steel for multi-directional use, with their ease of use and locking functionality.
– Pacific Challenger products: Lift up to 5 tonnes of material with push trolleys and hand pallet trucks which are reliable and durable for all loads.

Uses of Material Handling Equipment in Australia

Material handling equipment can be used in a variety of circumstances on the commercial, industrial and agricultural worksite. They have been carefully designed and engineered to enhance productivity, minimise worker fatigue and lower the risk of health and safety breaches.

Here are examples of using material handling equipment:

– to move large barrels of water on an agricultural site to facilitate effective irrigation;
– to move cargo at the docks so that the ship or train can be loaded to transport the goods;
– moving steel tubing for an infrastructure railing project to fence off land and public assets;
– rolling bridge supports into location so that they can be installed with ease;
– using heavy and dangerous hydraulic tools in a manufacturing plant to fabricate a piece of equipment for sale;
– lifting heavy machinery parts so that they can be installed into the final products; and
– adjusting the position of a component without having to engage in awkward postures and body movements.

Why Material Handling is Important?

Correct and effective material handling is important so that you can complete your project with the right materials efficiently. Instead of avoiding using materials that are too heavy, large or cumbersome, meet your specifications and the project plan by using materials that can be handled by innovative tools.

It is important that you invest in all appropriate material handling equipment because there is no one piece of equipment that caters for all tasks. Ensure your workers do not misuse the material handling equipment because that can cause serious injury or damage to the project.

Before you acquire material handling equipment, make sure you understand what materials you need to move. Our experienced and skilled staff can help you source the most appropriate piece of equipment for your needs. Remember to consult any regulatory requirements or building standards that need to be complied with.

Ensure you liaise with your workers so that you can hear their recommendations before proceeding to make the investment. On a regular basis following acquisition, make sure your material handling equipment is inspected and tested so that it operates effectively in accordance with applicable standards.

The function of Material Handling Equipment

It is important that you invest in the right material handling equipment to serve your intended purposes.

Some of the purposes to consider include:

  • lowering worker fatigue;
  • making repetitive tasks simple;
  • making a task more efficient;
  • improving worker productivity;
  • ensuring workplace safety
  • minimising delays on the worksite;
  • ensuring correct installation of a part or component; or
  • ensuring materials are handled in accordance with standards.

Advantages of Using Material Handling Equipment

There are many advantages of using material handling equipment. Each piece of equipment has its own benefits depending on the circumstances and the intended use.

Overall, the advantages of using material handling equipment are:

– save time trying to lift and move something manually without any tools;
– require less effort to lift and move an object;
– comply with health and safety requirements;
– lift and move objects to odd locations that cannot be performed by hand;
– avoid using wrong parts because the correct parts are hard to move;
– correctly install parts because the right tools are used to position the part into place;
– comply with manufacturer warranty because the part has been handled correctly; and
– complete projects on time without incurring delays.

At Keble’s Trading, we are a material handling equipment supplier that has been in business for 33 years. Supplying Melbourne with material handling equipment that has been selected to meet the needs of our customers, we understand what matters most.

If you are interested in a long-term relationship with us, you can open an account with us, and we will assign an account manager to give you a single-person contact for all your needs. Enquire today by calling 1800 067 687 or visiting one of our four showrooms today.

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