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How to Choose the Ideal Lifting Equipment?

Lifting equipment is necessary for commercial and industrial applications. These items are a popular choice among industries including transport, road, steel, mining, oil, gas, marine, rail, construction, food industry, water treatment and manufacturing. Keble’s Trading caters to all industries and stocks equipment that has been tested to deliver exceptional results while complying with Australian safety and other regulatory requirements.

Our product range includes hoisting equipment, KitoPWB Grade100 range chains, KitoPWB Grade80 range hooks, alloy lighting latches and hooks, Auslift Grade 80 range chains, chain slings, Titan Grade80 range hooks and stainless steel lifting fittings. In addition, we also stock stainless steel lifting equipment in Cromox Grade 60 Stainless lifting chain, hooks, shorteners, top rings, hoists and chain blocks. All stock is manufactured from premium grade materials that have been constructed with superior performance and useability features in mind.

Here is a quick guide to help you choose ideal lifting equipment including lifting hooks and lifting chains.

Assess your requirements

With many lifting and hoisting equipment available, you need to make sure you understand what you require. You should assess the operations that are performed on site so you can correctly identify what products you will need to successfully complete the tasks. We stock many products that are intended for different operations and we can help you select the right lifting and hoisting equipment for your individual needs.

Consult with staff

Your staff will be the people using the lifting equipment. Remember to consult with them and hear their views. Obtaining feedback about how the current lifting equipment is performing will provide useful insights to help you make your decision and to ensure that you avoid any known issues and select the right product for the task.

Enquire with professionals

When purchasing lifting equipment and putting it together there are various regulatory requirements that need to be considered to ensure that you comply with your health and safety obligations. Lifting heavy loads is dangerous and it is important to ensure that you have consulted with professionals (including engineers) to provide tailored advice for your operating environment, specific application and requirement.

Consider product range

There are many types of lifting equipment and depending on your activities, you will need to consider which components are right for the job in consultation with your staff and professionals. Some manufacturers have equipment for specific applications in mind. At Keble’s Trading, we can help you by understanding your activities and directing you towards the most appropriate type of equipment.

Consider regulatory requirements

When you choose lifting equipment, make sure you are aware of all applicable regulatory requirements. These may vary based on the specific activities, the location, the jurisdiction you are operating in, any contractual requirements and others just to name a few.

Choose reliable lifting equipment

Choosing reliable lifting equipment gives you peace of mind when your employees and contractors are operating it. At Keble’s Trading, in addition to receiving product certification from the manufacturer, we can also conduct in-house testing services on lifting, structural and load bearing devices on our internal 100T test bed.

Turn to Keble’s Trading for premium grade lifting and hoisting equipment. We speak your language, we understand your business and we will strive to help you choose the right equipment for your needs. Dial 1800 067 687 to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable team member or fill out the contact us form below.

FAQs – How to Choose Ideal Lifting Equipment

Question: What Is Lifting Equipment?

Answer: Lifting, hoisting and lowering heavy loads needs to be performed safely and effectively. On site, you want the comfort of knowing that you are using premium lifting and hoisting equipment that will operate efficiently and reliably every time. Good quality lifting equipment should help you move heavy loads according to your needs and requirements.

Question: What is the lifting capacity of Lifting Equipment?

Answer: Lifting equipment and lifting hoisting equipment is commonly used in commercial and industrial applications. Many industries use lifting chains and slings to move large and heavy items. The lifting capacity of lifting equipment varies depending on the type of equipment. Our full online product catalogue has detailed descriptions for each product detailing the size and lifting capacity.

Question: How Much Does Lifting Equipment Cost?

Answer: The cost of lifting equipment depends on the type of lifting equipment, the purpose for which it can be used, the manufacturer, brand and other factors. Purchasing the cheapest lifting equipment is not ideal because you must consider its application. Different lifting equipment has varying purposes that need to be considered.

Question: How many types of Lifting Equipment are there?

Answer: We stock a diverse range of lifting equipment, hoist, Grade 80 and Grade100 chains, assorted hooks, connectors and top rings, lifting chains, chain slings, wire rope slings, chain blocks, lever blocks, pulleys, trolleys, lifting points, swivels and hooks. All stock is manufactured from premium grade materials that have been constructed with superior performance and useability features in mind. Our stocked Items include brands from, KitoPWB, Pacific Hoist, RUD and Auslift.

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