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Beautify Your Pool with a Glass Pool Fence

Many homeowners in Melbourne install pools in their property for convenience, enjoyment and recreation. A pool is a great way to keep the kids happy, have a space to exercise peacefully and use any underutilised space in the backyard for a better purpose.

Glass pool fencing is a highly desirable complement to an in-ground pool. Not only is a fence required by building regulations for safety reasons, it helps to separate the pool from the rest of the outdoor area so that you can still entertain your guests without having to worry about interference with the pool.

When you are installing a pool at your client’s property, recommend installing glass pool fencing. Here are a few reasons why you should beautify the new or existing pool with a visually appealing, sturdy and practical glass pool fence.

Unobstructed Views and Full Visibility

Supervision of your loved ones, guests and pets around your pool is essential. To ensure that there are no safety breaches, a fence ensures that the people entering the pool is regulated. Having a pool fence made of glass provides unobstructed views of the pool so that you have complete visibility of those in and around the pool. It creates the illusion that the outdoor area is large and glass allows natural light to filter and reflect on the water creating an amazing visual feature.

Less Cleaning and Maintenance

Pools are filled with water and splashes of water are likely to go everywhere! Remind your clients that they can worry less with a glass and stainless fence that resists corrosion, staining and warping. Glass is easy to clean and if maintained well should not attract mould. It will also retain its shape and not discolour. This is ideal for an environment where water is present and where moisture content in the air is high. For clients wanting extra precaution, as their property is closer to the seaside, we stock marine grade (316) stainless steel fittings too.

Great Range of Complementing Accessories

Glass pool fencing can be customised to suit your client’s design, décor and personal style. Individualise their new glass pool fence with various sized glass panel inserts in either 10 or 12 mm thickness and a suite of stainless steel accessories to meet their needs and budget. Most stainless steel fitting are available in either a mirror or satin finish. For those wanting a stainless steel handrail, we stock square, round, rectangular and slotted tube designs. In addition, we have a range of glass pool fence gate accessories that will add that extra touch of elegance as you enter the pool area.


Glass is strong, rigid and long-lasting. Toughened glass is fabricated to not shatter easily and is safe for environments where children play. Glass pool fencing will retain its visual and functional features as it stands indoors and outdoors with the same quality and durability as when it was installed.

At Keble’s Trading we stock high quality glass panel inserts, stainless steel railing and stainless steel accessories to help you complete your glass pool fence project in Melbourne. Order glass inserts and stainless steel fence supplies from Keble’s Trading. Call us on 1800 067 687 or visit a local showroom in Dandenong, Laverton, Campbellfield or Kilsyth.

Do you have a client that has recently installed a pool? Have you convinced them to install a glass pool fence? What worked for you? Share your tips in the comments section below.

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