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Tuesday, 21st February 2023 Handrails

A Comprehensive Guide to Installing a Wire Balustrade for Your Home

Wire balustrades are incredibly beneficial to property and persons on its grounds as they provide safety that complies with Australian Building Code regulations and possesses many other benefits, including allowing for natural airflow and not obstructing your view.

As well as this, a wire balustrade incorporates modern architectural materials, so not only can you be assured that those utilising balconies, outdoor spaces and stairwells on your property will be kept safe from possible falls, but your home will portray a contemporary vibe that you can enjoy by incorporating practicality and modern aesthetics.

So no matter if you’re building a new property, planning on some home renovations, or perhaps want to add an extra feature to your home or commercial space, we wanted to provide you with a comprehensive guide to installing a wire balustrade. Read on for more information.

What is a Wire Balustrade and How Does it Enhance Your Home?

As well as providing a clean, polished aesthetic for your home, wire balustrades are known for their contemporary architectural design, which not only provides safety for users of decking areas, balconies, landings, property surrounds and stairwells, they also promote natural airflow and provide unobstructed views making them a popular choice amongst homeowners and contractors alike.

Different Types of Wire Balustrades Available in the Market

What sets wire balustrades apart more so than the wire itself are the options available for fittings styles and how you intend to use them. These fittings styles are dependent on your overall aesthetic as well as the situation of the installation; for example, using timber vs steel, or might your balustrade requirements be going in a straight line, or will there be multiple direction changes?

The most commonly used wire for balustrading purposes, however, is stainless steel in 1×19, 7×7 and 7×19, all in 3.2mm, and each being stocked, cut to your desired lengths here at Keble’s Trading.

How to Measure and Install a Wire Balustrade?

When you visit us, one of our knowledgeable team members will ask you some questions relevant to the size and sections of your decking or balustrade area. From there, we can determine how much wire and the quantity of fittings you will require.

We can further offer you instructions on how to install your balustrade and recommend hiring the appropriate press so you can install the wire yourselves.

Alternatively, if you prefer, we can forward your details to the appropriate tradesperson to install your balustrade, many of whom are our clients.

Tools Required to Install Wire Balustrade

The tools required to instal your new wire balustrade are quite simply a hand or hydraulic press and wire rope cutters, and for a complete job, we can offer the posts and the handrails to support your build as well.

Where to Buy Quality Balustrades & Accessories at Best Price?

With our competitive pricing, extensive staff knowledge, stock of popular wire rope balustrading materials and relationships with tradespeople, Keble’s Trading has everything you need under one roof.

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