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Thursday, 9th March 2023 Rigging

Essential Rigging Tools for Perfect Cutting

Rigging Tools

There are many tools out there that help make a rigger’s job just that much easier; from lifting contractors to specialist rigging companies, individuals in these roles are armed with essential tools as well as several other types for occasional uses, ready in their arsenal for whatever the day or the job itself might bring.

Today we will be looking at two essential tools a rigger will reach for on any given day, why these are necessary to many aspects of rigging and lifting applications, and where you can find them in Melbourne for sale. Read on for more.

Rigging Chain Cutters

There are various ways to cut a chain; however, many of these go-to methods and tools can pose a safety risk; it is essential when working in lifting or rigging roles that safety be enforced across the board for all involved.

A common method for many is using a blowtorch to cut a chain; however, the risk of blowback is very real. Another occasional mishap that can result from utilising this method is that adjacent chain links can also be damaged in the process. Apart from the safety risks, this method can be labour-intensive and time-consuming.

One of the safest alternatives is investing in a portable powered chain cutter. Though it has a higher initial cost, regular use will more than makeup for it with increased productivity, safety, and accuracy. Additionally, you can save money on specialised PPE, such as flame-retardant clothing or respirators, since they aren’t needed when using the cutter.

Wire Rope Cutters

wire rope cutter

Wire rope works well throughout lifting jobs for many reasons; with the helical structure of metal strands providing strength, flexibility, and endurance against corrosion, abrasion, rotation, and fatigue, it can seem like a no-brainer to invest in this valuable material.

As you can envision, however, cutting large amounts of wire rope used in rigging applications is not a simple undertaking unless you have the right equipment to support this. Alongside chain cutting, angle grinders and blow torches aren’t the safest or fastest option.

An effective solution here to avoid risking your safety as well as to save time is to use a powered wire rope cutter; not only are they designed to provide utmost safety and efficiency to the handler, but they also provide a clean cut which is a noticeable benefit as frayed or warped cable ends can prove to be immensely difficult when inserting the cable into sleeves.

Both rigging chain cutters and wire rope cutters are necessary tools for riggers and those in roles that require lifting, as they provide precision, are designed with safety in mind and can increase productivity through efficiency.

Keble’s Trading stocks both of these items and other popular rigging tools, so if you’re about to undertake a rigging or lifting task, visit Melbourne’s most trusted supplier for all your lifting and rigging requirements.

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