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Installing Pool Fencing
Tuesday, 23rd May 2023 Handrails

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Pool Fencing

Installing pool fencing may seem like a simple task, however as pool fencing is a requirement of the Australian Building Code, it’s important to factor in the following list of commonly made errors which can occur when an unlicensed tradesperson may install your pool fencing, or when it might be tackled as a DIY of a homeowner. These errors can impact your pool fencing by compromising safety, not meeting ABC requirements, making periodic maintenance and cleaning even harder, and can also impact the overall aesthetic of your beautiful pool and its surrounds. Read on for what to avoid when having your new pool fence installed.

Incorrect Measurements

One of the most significant mistakes is inaccurate measurements. Failing to measure the pool area properly can result in a fence that doesn’t fit correctly, leaving gaps or overlaps. Take precise measurements of the pool perimeter to ensure the fence is the right size and shape.

Improper Positioning of Gates

Gates are essential components of pool fencing as they provide access to the pool area. One common mistake is placing gates in inconvenient or poorly thought-out locations. Ensure that gates are strategically positioned to provide convenient entry and exit points while maintaining safety and visibility.

Insufficient Height

Pool fencing should meet specific height requirements mandated by local regulations. Failing to install a fence of adequate height can compromise safety, allowing unauthorized access to the pool area. Familiarize yourself with the height requirements in your area and ensure your fence meets or exceeds those standards.

Inadequate Strength and Durability

Pool fencing should be sturdy and durable to withstand various weather conditions and potential impact. Using subpar materials or opting for flimsy construction can compromise the effectiveness of the fence. Invest in high-quality materials that can withstand the test of time and provide a robust barrier.

Poor Gate Latching Mechanism

The gate latch is a critical safety feature of pool fencing. A common mistake is installing a gate latch that is unreliable or easily manipulated, potentially allowing children to gain access to the pool unsupervised. Choose a gate latch that is secure, self-closing, and self-latching to prevent accidental openings. Be sure that the gate latch is also placed at a height that is much taller than any children who will be using the pool and who may be tempted to try and open the latch.

Neglecting Maintenance

Once the pool fence is installed, it requires regular maintenance to ensure its continued effectiveness. Neglecting maintenance can lead to rust, deterioration, or loose components, compromising the integrity of the fence. Regularly inspect the fence, tighten loose screws or bolts, and address any signs of wear or damage promptly.

Ignoring Pool Fence Regulations

Many Australian states have specific regulations regarding pool fencing to ensure safety standards are met. Ignoring or neglecting these regulations can lead to legal consequences and, more importantly, compromise the safety of pool users. Research and comply with the regulations in your area to avoid unnecessary complications.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can ensure that your pool fence is properly installed, meets safety standards, and provides an effective barrier to prevent unauthorized access and enhance pool safety. It’s always recommended to consult with professionals or experts while installing pool fencing to ensure a reliable and compliant installation.

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