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Steel Eye Fastenings

Stainless Steel fasteners are used in varied industrial applications, owing to their distinguished corrosion resistance, aesthetic appearance, and cost effectiveness. The primary benefit of stainless steel fasteners is that they provide free surface protection without the need for additional surface coatings or treatments. This means that stainless steel fasteners have a high degree of durability and corrosion resistance right out of the box. These fasteners have the same strength as traditional low alloy steel fasteners and can be used anywhere that traditional steel fasteners are specified. 

Please Note: Keble’s Trading makes no recommendations or claims for the performance and mechanical properties of Stainless Steel and or materials and accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any unsatisfactory outcome, unsuitable application or installation of these components. 

Furthermore, Keble’s Trading Pty Ltd makes no recommendations and takes no responsibility for the use of any components or products used in the installation of any Balustrading and Handrail system designs. 

The responsibility of ALL design and choice of component for compliance to Australian Standard and relevant codes lies solely with the purchaser. Please consult appropriate authorities and or the advice of professional persons for information on correct design and installation techniques. 


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