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Turnbuckles Australia – Stainless Steel Turnbuckles 

Rigging turnbuckles are used to adjust the tension and length of wire rope. Turnbuckles are applied in the same way as rigging screws. However, one notable difference is that rigging turnbuckles are generally smaller in size and offer shorter adjustment options. A useful feature of rigging turnbuckles is they can be adjusted under load.

We stock various turnbuckles with stub and stub formation, eye and hook formation, eye and eye formation, eye and clevis formation, and clevis and clevis formation. All turnbuckles are crafted from quality and durable heat-certified steel that has been galvanised and rated for added strength and useability in harsh environmental conditions. The lengths of the turnbuckles vary depending on the type and are generally sized between 100 and 800 mm.

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Rigging, Stainless Steel Turnbuckles Supplies in Australia

At Keble’s Trading, we stock leading rigging turnbuckles that have been manufactured to conform to Australian Standard 2319:2001 and have a 6:1 Safety Factor. Available in Grades L, P and S, with Grade S being the strongest, our M33 heavy-duty rigging turnbuckles can bear a load of up to 10 tonnes.

Also, our turnbuckles have been fully tested and certified in accordance with AS 2319. This will provide you with comfort that your new rigging turnbuckle will perform as required on site.

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