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The Prime Townley Range

Keble’s Trading carries the premium range of ace-quality lifting and rigging components of Townley Drop Forge that would definitely add value to your projects.  

We are privileged to offer heavy duty and rated Townley turnbuckles from hook and eye turnbuckles galvanized to stub & stub turnbuckles galvanized in the range of size from M10 to 1.25”. Our Townley turnbuckles are in galvanized body and the design loads are in accordance with AS4100.

They come with stub ends G300 mild steel (AS/NZS 3679.1-300) - weldable hot rolled structural steel, and manufactured using only heat certified Australian steels (AS1442/AS1444).

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Townley Turnbuckles, Eyebolts, Eyenuts, Hooks & Latches

Our selection of eye nuts from grade-4 metric MC eye nuts and Grade-8 lifting MC eye nuts in sizes from M08 to M76 that are stamped with WLL and manufactured using only heat certified Australian Steel that are perfect for your lifting application. And our eye nut that is not ideal for lifting is the IS range Din582 metric eye nuts in M08 to 1/4" sizes with zinc passivated surface finish.

We also have a scope of latches from international eye hook and latches to swivel hook and latches with WLL of 1.00 to 10.0 that are forged by hardening and tempering and are equipped with safety latches. Safety latches can also be bought separately that are in Swivel - SSH08, SSH125 to Swivel - SSH08, SSH125 sizes.

Our collection of eye bolts from Grade-10 swivel eye bolts to Grade-8 lifting MC eye bolts in the range of sizes from M06 to 3” that are forged from high tensile alloy steel and manufactured using only heat certified Australian Steel are ideal for your lifting application.  We also have the IS range DIN580 metric eye bolts in sizes M08 to M76 with its WLL derived from the DIN580 which are not ideal for lifting.

And to complete our lineup of steel forged Townley products, we have weld-on pad eyes – PELP & DPLP in WLL from 0.40 to 10.0 and forged from G300 mild steel -AS3679.1 grade 300plus, double throat rope grips in sizes 8-9 to 26-28 that are manufactured in Australia in accordance with AS2076, and in stock we mesh hooks in 10mm size with WLL of 2.5 to give you that confidence in your lifting and rigging requirements.

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