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Dependably Durable Non Alloy Chains

Important criteria are applied in selecting appropriate chains to effectively manage the loads you have in mind. That is why at Keble’s Trading, we spend considerable time on thorough quality process to source our products meticulously from reputable manufacturers to ensure you get consistent quality at a fair price.

Keble’s Trading has an expansive selection of commercial chains from galvanized regular link to zinc plated regular link.  Our galvanized regular links in weights 0.2 kg to 3.50 kg, are 1m long.  In stock, as well, are galvanized regular links that weigh 25 kg and 50 kg that are in lengths range 7.12m to 131.5m.  All the galvanized regular link we have are available in 3m to 13m sizes.

Our zinc plated regular links weighing 0.19 kg to 0.471 kg are available in 1m length. And the zinc plated regular links that weighs 25kg are in lengths 51m, 86m, and 131.5m. And the ones in 50kg weight are in 102m, 172m, and 263m lengths.  All our zinc plated regular links are available in sizes 3mm to 5mm.

In completion of our chain collection is the stainless steel chain regular links in Grade 316 in the range of sizes from 2mm to 12mm with weights from 0.075 kg to 2.95 kg, which are 1m long that will surely address your requirements.


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Galvanised Regular Link & Stainless Steel Commercial Chains Supplies

We source our Non Alloy Chains such as Galvanised Regular Link & Stainless Steel Commercial Chains from global leading manufacturers that conform to the international strict quality control standards to assure you get consistent superior quality products you expect without the high price tag.

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