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Quality Load Binders

Keble’s Trading supply outstanding-quality load binders in Loadmax lever style load binder with winged grab hooks combined with Grade 70 Chain to give you that safety and reliability confidence to restraint heavy loads for transport operations.

Our load binders suit chain sizes from 6mm to 13mm. They are manufactured from dropped forged steel that are quenched and tempered. They are marked with chain size, lashing capacity, grade, batch numbered, and branded Loadmax for traceability.

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Load Binder Supplier in Australia

All our load binders come with swivel winged grab hooks to achieve full lashing capacity that will give you that security required of load binders. Keble’s Trading’s load binders are batch tested and certificates are available upon request – a proof that the load binders you are getting have undergone test, giving you that assurance of safety for your transport operations.

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