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Load Restraint End Fittings

As end fittings are essential components of a load restraint system, it is of utmost importance that you select outstanding-quality end fittings. That is exactly what we offer in Keble’s Trading.

Our Loadmax lashing hardware are used as tie down accessory combined with end fittings webbing generally for the transport industry. We have a vast array of end fittings from butterfly truck fitting to D rings that have lashing capacities from 200kg to 5000kg that are visibly marked on them.

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Load Restraint End Fittings Supplier in Australia

Our end fittings are manufactured from high-tensile steel that suits webbing sizes from 25mm to 75mm. We source from globally reputable manufacturer Loadmax that adhere to the international quality standards assuring you excellent craftsmanship and safety. 

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