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Balustrade Kits

Balustrade Kits Melbourne, Australia

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Balustrade Kits Melbourne

Stainless Steel Balustrade DIY Kits

Keble’s Trading has long been known for being reputable suppliers of stainless-steel balustrade DIY kits. Our DIY kits provide all the necessary components which are needed to assemble your balustrade, and are designed in mind for the trades customer or experienced carpenter who has the proficiency and understanding of installing balustrading. We sell various types of stainless-steel balustrading DIY kits so you’re presented with various options to suit yours or your client’s vision and application.

Stainless-steel is the only material of balustrade kits that Keble’s Trading offers within our product range and the reason for this is due to stainless-steel being the most popular material desired for balustrade amongst builders and installers due it’s sleek and polished finished, as well as it’s durability to withstand high pressure and aiding in complete support whether it be balustrade for decking or alongside stairs.

Balustrade Kits for Stairs, Decking & More

Balustrade kits provide support for a multitude of applications and two of the most popular purposes are used together with staircases or stairs, as well as to sit alongside decking. No matter what your requirement might be however, Keble’s Trading stocks several balustrading kit types for handrail fittings, pool fencing and glass balustrade applications.

It is by compliance of the Australian Building Code that if your decking or staircase is 1 meter or higher above the ground, then you must have balustrading installed. This is to protect against potential accidents, such as small children or pets experiencing a possible fall. If it is less than 1 meter, then it is a call that must be made by your best judgement, or under the advisement of your builder.

Balustrades are commonly found and required within commercial and residential properties and need to be formulated from the most durable stainless-steel material to meet Australian Building Code safety requirements, as well as to provide an aesthetically pleasing design. This is why Keble’s Trading stocks the highest quality stainless-steel balustrade kits, so you can be assured that when shopping with us, not only will safety requirements be met but with a multitude of designs available, the balustrading kit you choose will complement your property’s design and aesthetic.

Why Choose Keble's Trading For Stainless Steel Balustrade Kits?

Stainless-steel wire rope balustrade and glass balustrade kits are each a popular choice amongst fabricators and boutique clients alike, providing a clear and unobstructed view of any bordered area, all while promoting safety and durability.

For the experienced installer, these kits are easy to install. If installed correctly and maintained appropriately, stainless-steel wire rope balustrade can transform the look of a property with its sleek finish, providing a contemporary ambience to any design.

Keble’s Trading specialises in supplying stainless-steel balustrade kits to fabricators and installers, and is known amongst our trades clients for having both an extensive high-quality product range of kits and components, as well as for our team being well-versed on our products and their specific applications.

Keble’s Trading has both the knowledge on and network to source premium quality stainless-steel products for domestic and commercial projects throughout Australia. Based in Victoria, we continue to serve our customers with reliable, effective and long-lasting products that have been crafted to suit various applications and can be tailored to suit your requirements.

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