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Stainless Steel All Threaded Rod Supplier in Australia

Stainless steel threaded rods are round steel bars with threading. Depending on the type of tread crafted into the rod, a suitable nut can be inserted on one end and spun around to the other end. Stainless steel all thread rods are generally ideal for rigging and lifting applications that require the use of turnbuckles for adjusting the tension and length of wire rope.

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Strong-Quality Stainless Steel All Threaded Rods

We stock standard grade stainless steel 304 threaded rods in sizes ranging from 6 mm to 12 mm. These threaded rods can be paid with turnbuckles, latch hooks, clevis, eye hooks and more to help you create a tightening and tensioning device for your project on site. Or, they can be simply used to connect two materials together to stabilise and secure a structure being constructed.

Why Choose Us for Stainless Steel All Threaded Rod

At Keble’s Trading, we stock high quality stainless steel all threaded rods and associated turnbuckles. Our stainless steel all threaded rods are sourced from leading manufacturers that follow our demanding and strict quality requirements. 

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Turn to Keble’s Trading for reliable-grade stainless steel THREADED ROD. Talk to us! We speak your language! We understand your business. Call us at 1-800-067-687 or fill out the contact us form below. No inquiry is too large or too small. We would love to be of service to you today!

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