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Lifting Equipment Suppliers in Australia

Lifting, hoisting and lowering heavy loads needs to be performed safely and effectively. On site, you want comfort knowing that you are using premium lifting and hoisting equipment that will operate efficiently every time. At Keble’s Trading, we stock high tensile lifting and hoisting solutions that comply with Australia’s strict safety, manufacturing and testing standards.

Our product range includes hoisting equipment, PWB Anchor Grade100 range chains, PWB Anchor Grade80 range hooks, alloy lighting latches and hooks, Auslift Grade 80 range chains, chain slings, and Titan Grade80 range hooks. All stock is manufactured from premium grade materials that have been constructed with superior performance and useability features in mind.

Lifting Equipment Melbourne - Lifting Hook & Chains

At Keble’s Trading, in addition to receiving product certification from the manufacturer, we also conduct our own in-house testing services. We use our state-of-the-art internal 100T test bed to certify lifting, structural and load bearing devices, equipment and applications for your peace of mind.

When you purchase lifting and hoisting equipment, you want to feel 100% confident in its quality and performance. Our team has the experience and knowledge to help you choose the right product for your specific project. Bring your plans and project scopes to one of our four locations and we will help you select the right products for your needs.

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Turn to Keble’s Trading for dependable-grade LIFTING & HOISTING EQUIPMENT.  Talk to us! We speak your language! We understand your business. Call us at 1-800-067-687 or fill out the contact us form below.  No inquiry is too large or too small. We would love to be of service to you today!

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