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Square/ Rectangle Block Design This design enables you to vary the spacings between the horizontal and vertical wires. An equidistant formation will create square blocks, whereas a non-equidistant formation will create rectangular blocks. You can vary the spacings depending on the type of plant, the background and foreground, and other considerations.

Vertical Design The vertical wire formation can create a stunning backdrop for the deck, patio, water feature or other garden arrangements. This design is easy to install and remember to use a spirit level to achieve straight lines. Plants can be potted or planted in earth at the bottom so that they creep upwards towards the sun.

Green Wall Pattern

Horizontal Design The horizontal design is less common but still a feature of wire gardens. The spacing between the horizontal sections can be varied to as narrow or as broad as you prefer. Plants can be positioned on either side and then assisted to creep up onto the next rung above. With careful maintenance, this will create a stunning feature.

Cross Design A cross or diamond formation, requires straight lines and angles to achieve an accurate design. Otherwise, the wire garden may look sloppy and unprofessional. Ensure that you pencil the design onto the backdrop surface and then carefully install the parts to achieve an exceptionally looking wire garden. Adorned with lighting and other features, your new espalier will command attention.

MEASUREMENTS AND SPACING The measurement and spacing for your wire garden need to be considered before install. It is important that you measure the area you have and use a piece of paper to prepare a design. Make a sketch of your proposed wire garden so that you can check that your measurements and spacings are correct before you commence the wire garden installation process. You might also want to consult an espalier specialist so that your design will suit your plant/s, environment and property. With all formations and designs described above, you can be flexible with the spacings. Even with a cross formation, you can make either narrow or broad diamonds. This depends on your taste and requirements. Check that the spacings are appropriate for the plant to grow and to avoid the plant becoming cluttered such that the design of your espalier is lost behind the foliage.

If you are a grower, landscaper, gardener, designer, tradesman, or DIY enthusiast then Keble's Trading is your One-Stop Shop for your trellis, espalier, green wall and vertical garden project.

With 30 years of experience, we are an established business with technical staff on board to assist you in your application. If you want a positive customer experience, the right product at the right price delivered to you on time then contact Keble’s Trading. We deliver Australia wide. Click here to link to our green wall catalogue


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