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Wire Rope PVC Coated 7x19 WSC G2070 (WRGP 719)

8259 I3.2-5.2 mmm7.71 KN
0499I4-6 mmm11.0 KN
6663I4-6 mmm11 KN
0502I5-7 mmm17.1 KN
6428I6-8 mmm24.7 KN
0506I6.3-8.5 mmm27.3 KN
0507I6.3-8.5 mmm27.3 KN
0509I8-10 mmm43.9 KN
0510I8-10 mmm43.9 KN
0510 MI8-10 mmm43.9 KN
0512I10-12 mmm68.7 KN
6664I10-12 mmm68.7 KN
0513I12-14 mmm98.9 KN
0514I12-14 mmm98.9 KN

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