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Essential SS Post Anchors

Keble’s Trading offers a wide array of post anchors that caters to your requirement and give you that confidence to deliver high-caliber project to your customers. Our different types of lag screws, eye bolts, eye straps are available in various sizes that will suit your every need. We have in stock lag screws from lag screw eye to lag screw welded eye in sizes from 6 x 55MM to 120MM.

Our supply of eye bolts consists of eye bolt welded eye in sizes 6 x 55MM to 10 x 80MM, and lag screw welded eye in 6 x 60MM to 10 x 120MM sizes. To complete our post anchors components in stock are our saddles eyes straps from 2.5MM to 10MM sizes. 

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Stainless Steel Post Anchors Supplies in Australia

Our quality stainless steel post anchors are manufactured from Grade 316 stainless steel and are used throughout Australia for architecturally designed feat. We source products from global leading manufacturers that conform to the international strict quality control standards to assure you get consistent durable products to provide you that confidence in delivering that balustrade projects.

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