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Wire Rope Stainless Steel 7x19 G316 (WRS 719)

04041.20m0.91 kN
04081.60m1.62 kN
04112.00m2.36 kN
04142.40m3.37 kN
0417I3.20m5.99 kN
0417I_3053.20each5.99 kN
0417I_10003.20each5.99 KN
04214.00m9.19 kN
6669I4.00m9.19 kN
04244.80m13.21 kN
63126.00m20.73 kN
04286.40m23.6 kN
04328.00m34.39 kN
80078.00m34.39 kN
04379.50m49.58 KN
662510m52.03 kN
6625 I10 Metricm52.03 kN
043911.00m67.1 kN
044312.70m89.51 kN
280016.00m135.69 kN

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wire rope stainless steel


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