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The Uses of Shackles

Shackles are the primary connecting link in all manner of rigging systems, from boats and ships to industrial crane rigging. Shackles are commonly use in mountaineering. Mountain climbers use the shackles pinned into steep ledges to secure themselves safely with ropes. The most common use for shackles is for lifting heavy objects in combination with rigging equipment. These types of shackles are used widely in the construction and mining industries.  Also, shackles are essential to boat owners and most commonly used to link their chain to their anchor. They are also used to link chains to the mooring to secure the boat when not out at sea. Because these shackles are use in an ocean environment, it is important that they are made of superior quality materials.

What Keble’s Trading Offers

Reliability, this is what we offer. It is of utmost importance that the shackles you use are reliable not only to serve its purpose but most importantly they can be trusted to provide safety and security for your rigging and lifting requirements. Keble’s Trading has an expansive selection of shackles from Dee Shackles to Bow Shackles of various sizes that are made of superior marine grade 316 stainless steel that is ideal for marine application as it is highly resistant to corrosion.  We source our products from globally reputable companies that adhere to the strict Australian and international standards of quality.

Our competently trained technical personnel can assist you with good recommendations and can answer any queries. Talk to us! We speak your language! We understand your business. Call us at 1800.067.687. No inquiry is too large or too small. We would love to assist you and give you a quote today!

Keble's Trading is Right product, Right price, On time!

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