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Our Mighty Stainless Steel Eye Bolts

Eye Bolts are critical and essential component of a balustrading project it is of paramount importance that they are of sterling quality. Ideally, you should make certain that the eyebolts are created of marine grade stainless steel. These typically be resistant to most forms of damage including rusting because of environmental conditions.

What Keble’s Trading offers is peace of mind. Our stainless steel eye bolts are made of superior 316 grade stainless, an essential factor making you confident that they are resistant to any environmental condition. In stock to cater to your preference are eye bolt welded eye in size raging from 6mm x 40mm to 12mm x 100mm, and screw eye bolt in sizes from 6mm x 30mm to 6mm.

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Stainless Steel Eye Bolts Supplier

We source our stainless steel eye bolts from reputable worldwide manufacturers that adhere to strict international quality standard giving you confidence that you are delivering not only a beautiful handrail or balustrading installation but most importantly, a safe one.

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