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Opportunities at Keble’s Trading

Keble’s Trading presents exciting opportunities for talented people and dynamic businesses who can prove themselves to be effective team players in this highly competitive Australian market we operate in.


Working for Keble’s Trading

At Keble’s Trading, we recognise that our company is only as good as our people. Because we work as a team, we support and encourage continuous personal growth and offer excellent opportunities for professional advancement. At Keble’s Trading, your career is on a path where achievement is recognised and valued. From our sales staff to our managers, in all locations, we foster a family-like yet professional environment of dynamic and friendly team players dedicated to creating value for our customers.

What are we looking for?

Keble’s Trading is interested in your skills, work experience, as well as your values and personal goals. We are after people who can bring a passionate drive towards excellence and customer service.

We want future staff members who can look toward building a great company they can be proud of. We want those who are excited about becoming key contributors to a dynamic and highly competitive industry.

Why join Keble’s Trading?

  • Keble’s Trading values its people. We give them the opportunity to find personal and professional fulfilment with us.
    We take care of our people. We offer competitive pay and benefits packages that let our staff know we care and that their contribution to the company is valued, recognised and rewarded.
    We value longevity. We offer opportunities for career advancement that allows our people to pursue long-term professional goals with us.
    Keble’s Trading is financially stable. We have grown steadily since our inception and we continue to grow despite the economic downturns. We believe in sharing this growth with our people through a competitive commission system.
    Staff interest and welfare are very important to us. We recognise the crucial role our people play in the success of our business. We are easy to work with.

Our family-like, atmosphere at work combined with a friendly management team is just one of the things that differentiates Keble’s Trading clearly from most sales organisations.

If you are ready to give your career a head start, contact us today.

Mailing Address:

The General Manager
P.O. Box 889
Dandenong, VIC.3175

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