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Austlift Grade 80 Alloy Lifting Chain & Hooks

We have a wide array of Austlift G80 products to complete your project that can give your construction, marine, automotive, plumbing, or manufacturing project not only security but effective function, as well. 

In stock, we have Austlift G80 alloy chains that are designed for industrial lifting applications, are available in 6.3mm to 32mm sizes with 4 to 1 safety factor. And for your marine or vertical support applications that are made of carbon steel with safety factor of 5 to 1, are Austlift Grade L chains available in the range of size from 6mm to 13mm.

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Austlift Grade 80 Alloy Lifting Chain & Hooks Supplies in Australia

Keble’s Trading has an expansive selection of hooks from hook eyes to hook clevis that will answer all your lifting preferences. Our hook eyes from self locking hook, eye type – LE to grab hook eye – GE that are available from 6mm to 32mm sizes, are ready for your next lifting projects.

We have a range of hook swivels from self locking hook, swivel type - LS to swivel hook with safety catch – SS available in sizes from 8mm to 16mm. To give you that flexibility of application, we have our lineup of hook clevis from grip self locking hook clevis type – NC to grab hook clevis – GC in the range of  6mm to 26mm sizes.

We supply a top-quality array of links and connectors for that reliable lifting application. We have in stock Master Link - Type SD and Master Link Multi - Type MD that are available in sizes from 6mm to 36mm.  Our Austlift OL Type Omega Links are available in WLL of 1.12 to 8, that are usually utilized in combination with recessed head rings and chain for chain slings. And to connect head rings, chain, hooks, and other lifting components for chain sling are our chain connectors that are ready to use in 6mm to 32mm sizes.

Keble’s Trading also offers a vast collection of Austlift clutches from shortening clutch, clevis – CC to clutch choker, cevis type – CC that are in scope of size from 6mm to 32mm that assure you of a safe and secured lifting applications.

Our Austlift G80 products are marked with chain size, product ID, and grade with manufacture, for accuracy of application.  They are all made of G80 alloy steel with safety factor of 4 to 1 and conforms with Australian quality standard AS3776 to give you that conviction of delivering that next materials handling project successfully.

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