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Austlift Grade 80 Lifting Chain, Swivel Hooks

As Austlift has worked hard on bringing you a high quality, reliable and most importantly safe product to the market, Keble’s Trading is honored to present its new range of height safety Austlift Grade 80 products.

Our selection of chains from Austlift G80 Alloy chain in size 6.3 to 32mm with WLL capacity of 1.12 to 31.5 that is made from alloy steel, to Austlift Grade L chain in size 6 to 13mm with WLL capacity of 0.4 to 1.7 that is manufactured from carbon steel.  All our chains have high resistance to impact and meets critical requirements of AS2321.

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Austlift Grade 80 Lifting Chain Supplier in Australia

Keble’s Trading offers a vast range of Grade 80 hook eye from self-locking hook, eye type - LE to grab hook eye – GE from 6 to 32 with WLL capacity from 1.1 to 31.5. And also in stock are hook clevis from grip self-locking hook clevis type – NC to Sling Hook, Clevis Type – SC in the range of size from 6 to 32 with WLL capacity of 1.1 to 31.5.

We also have a lineup of Grade 80 connectors or links from Master Link - Type SD to Chain Connection in sizes 6mm to 36mm with WLL capacity from 1.12 to 54.5. In stock, as well, is the Elephants Foot. They are commonly used as a lashing point to secure trucks, cars, container chassis and other vehicles on ships and barges in the marine industry.

And our G80 lifting swivel scope from swivel - Eye/Bow to Swivel - Bow/Clevis in sizes from 6mm to 25mm and with WLL capacity from 0.39 to 5.72 that are perfect for your transport lifting requirement.

And our weld on lifting point with a WLL capacity of 1 to 8 can be welded on any carbon steel surface as a lifting point, or to be used as a fixed anchor point for spreader beam attachment. It can also be used as an anchor point for load restraint applications.

All our Grade 80 hook eye, clevis, and links are all test certified and manufactured from G80 Alloy steel with safety factor of 4 t 1 that conforms with the strict Australian quality standard AS3776 that provides you that confidence on your lifting project.

And to complete our Austlift Grade 80 scope, we have a great selection of chains slings from sling single adj clevis safety hook to chain sling 4 leg adj clevis safety hook from the size range of 6mm x 1M to 13mm x 6M that are ideal to cater to your preference. All our chain slings are test certified and manufactured to comply with the Australian quality standard to give you that conviction on your next lifting application.

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