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Industrial Lever Block Model AL-3

Code capacitylength QTY
121002 0.25T 1M
121005 0.5T 1.5M
121010 0.8T 1.5M
121015 1T 1.5M
121020 1.6T 1.5M
121025 3.2T 1.5M
121030 6T 1.5M
121035 9T 1.5M
121305 0.5T 3M
121310 0.8T 3M
121315 1T 3M
121320 1.6T 3M
121325 3.2T 3M
121330 6.3T 3M
121335 9T 3M

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Austlift L-3 series Lever Blocks are used for general hoisting in the mining, construction, industrial and domestic situations. Commonly used for short lifts and pulling applications.

  •  Rated capacities available 250kg to 9 tonnes.
  •  Standard height of lift 1.5 or 3 metre except for 250kg which has 1 metre lift, Other lift height available upon request.
  •  Robust, durable, portable and compact in construction.
  •  All Lever Blocks come with ball bearing Swivel Hook.
  •  Test Certificate and instruction manual supplied.
  •  Conforms to AS1418.2 standards.


Level Block 3 Series


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