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KITO TSP Series Manual Push Trolleys

Code capacitytype QTY
47507 250 kg
47508 500kg
47509 1 tonne
47510 1.5 tonne
47511 2 tonne
47512 2.5 tonne
47513 3 tonne
47514 5 tonne
47493 500kg Extension Kit
47494 500kg Extension Kit
47438 1 tonne Extension Kit
47439 1 tonne Extension Kit
47440 1.5 tonne Extension Kit
47495 2.5 tonne Extension Kit
47496 5 tonne Extension Kit

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  • Mining, construction, engineering, infrastructure, manufacturing  
  • Ideal for processing plants, manufacturing plants, job sites, construction sites, projects
  • Push or pull, no electricity required.
  • For curved beams where tight turns are required, Kito’s TSP trolleys allow a low minimum turn radius.
  • Engineered to be lighter and easier to install, the 250kg to 5 tonne model TSP trolleys are specifically designed to be robust and durable, without unnecessary weight and bulkiness.
  • TSP Trolley wheels are adjustable to work with both tapered and flat-flanged beams, allowing you to use existing equipment without customization.
  • Lifetime-lubricated ball bearings also increase reliability and provide you with smooth operation while traversing a load.
  • Japanese bearings used on wheels.
  • Available with different connectors for use with different products.
Australian Standard: AS 1418.2


KITO TSP Manual Push Trolley

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