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Hoist Chain G60

CHK 4.0 x 12.04x120.32G60
CHK 4.0 x 12.34x12.30.32G60
CHK 5.0 x 15.05x150.5G60
CHK 5.0 x 15.15x15.10.5G60
CHK 5.0 x 15.35x15.30.5G60
CHK 6.0 x 18.06x180.75G60
CHK 6.3 x 19.16.3x19.10.8G60
CHK 7.0 x 21.07x211.0G60
CHK 7.0 x 22.07x221.0G60
CHK 7.1 x 21.27.1x21.21.0G60
CHK 8.0 x 24.08x241.25G60
CHK 8.0 x 24.28x24.21.25G60
CHK 9.0 x 27.09x271.6G60
CHK 9.5 x 28.59.5x28.51.85G60
CHK 10.0 x 28.010x282G60
CHK 10.0 x 30.010x302G60
CHK 11.2 x 34.011.2x342.57G60

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Cromox Hoist Chain

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