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Quality Array of Round Tube & Fittings

Keble’s Trading’s round tube and fittings are cost effective option for use in the creation of handrail and balustrade system.  We stock a wide selection of round welded tube in a mirror or satin finish with sizes ranging from 12.7x 1.2mm to 50.8 x 1.6mm. We provide an extensive selection of perpendicular joiners “37 degree” cap to perpendicular joiner “external” cap with sizes from 1 1/2" to 2" in mirror finish for you to have that confidence in your handrail project. Our flanges from round flanges to long flanges in 1 1/2" to 2" sizes in mirror finish, and our end caps from end cap dome to curved tube cap in 1 1/2" x 2"4 to 3/4"(19mm) x 5"(127mm) that are essential to complete that sense of aesthetical wholeness.

As handrail supports are used to help connect handrail to newel posts and to secure handrails in place, our outstanding quality selection  from adjustable rail support round base "internal fit" to adjustable rail support flat base "external fit" in 2” size will surely give you that confidence of completing a safe handrail project. A wide range of plate and covers, and brackets from mounting plate 3-hole to wall brackets, are also in stock.  Our round tube and fittings are manufactured using the finest quality 304 and 316 marine grade stainless steel in satin and mirror finish . We source our products from worldwide leading manufacturers that comply with strict international quality control standards to ensure that you get consistent high-quality round tube & fittings.

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Round Tube Fittings Supplier

Essential for completing the construction of your residential or commercial balustrading project are the round tube fittings and steel tube end caps that hold the guard rails in place and give the balustrades a sense of completeness. Structurally sound, cost-effective, and requiring low maintenance, you’ll find a great range of tube connectors for round tubing here at Keble’s Trading. Used particularly for balustrades, handrails and a wide variety of other purposes, discover the functionality and aesthetic appeal our round tube connectors can bring to your next project.

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Manufactured using the finest quality 316 marine grade stainless steel, Keble’s Trading provides an extensive selection of steel tube end caps to fit a variety of different sized tubes and different styled balustrades. You’ll find everything from round pipe clamps and 3-way adjustable flush joiners through to flat and dome shaped end caps, adjustable and bolt-in wall brackets, and much more.

When it comes to tube connectors for round tubing used in balustrades and handrails, turn to the wholesalers that other Melbourne builders and construction industry insiders turn to – Keble’s Trading. Place your order online or visit one of our four Melbourne stores – we deliver across Australia.

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