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Handrail Brackets

Keble's Trading handrail brackets feature clean, modern lines and minimal curves and are ideal for flat and round handrails. We have an expansive selection of handrail brackets from handrail bracket-fixed round rail-flat post to post wall bracket with the range of sizes from 48.3mm - 50.8mm to 2 inches. Matching them, we have the essential support from dome rail support cap to rail support plate flat in a range of sizes from 14mm to 50.8mm that will give you that reliable handrail installation. 

Our handrail brackets are manufactured using the finest quality 316 marine grade stainless steel in satin and mirror finish. We source our products from worldwide leading manufacturers that comply with strict Australian and international quality control standards to ensure that you get consistent great-quality products.

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Handrail Brackets Supplier

Handrail brackets are undoubtedly an essential component in the designing and building of any handrail, staircase, or safety rail system. They make it possible to safeguard a handrail to a solid fixing point, attach a top rail, and secure infill. We stock wall mounts, handrail supports and everything in-between for a range of stainless and glass applications that are certain to meet your specific requirements.

We spend considerable time on our quality process and source components from reputable manufacturers to ensure you get consistent quality at a fair price. Speak to our friendly expert staff in-house who are geared up to assist you on your next building project.

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