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Green Wall Espalier and Trellis Supplier

If you want a professional experience, the right product at the right price delivered to you on time without sacrificing quality, then contact Keble’s Trading.





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If you are a Grower, Landscaper, Gardener, Designer, Tradesman, or DIY Enthusiast then Keble’s Trading is your one-stop for your trellis, espalier, green wall and vertical garden project.

Our products are sourced from reputable manufacturers who follow standards to ensure you get a consistent product at an affordable price. Our range of items for your green wall project allows you to add a stunning feature wall to any garden. 

Our DIY Green Wall Kit is both extremely easy to install and provides for an elegant and stylish finish to your garden. The wires can be run vertically, horizontally or diagonally to create a refined pattern limited only by your imagination. Wires can be custom made to your specification and assembled on site or you can do it yourself with our inhouse tool hire.

With 30 years experience, we are an established business with technical staff on board to assist you in your application. If you want a positive experience, the right product at the right price delivered to you on time then contact Keble’s Trading. We deliver Australia wide. Click here to link to our green wall catalogue

green wall pattern

Specialist Green Wall Espalier Fittings and Tools Include: 


wall post
Wall Post
Net clip
S/S Net Clip G316 3mm
S/S Turnbuckle Hook & Eye G316 5mm
wirerope grip
S/S Wire Rope Grip G316 3mm
bottle screw
S/S Jaw & Tube Bottlescrew G316 M5x3.2mm
wire rope 1x19
Wire Rope 1x19 G316 3.2mm
wirerope 7x7
Wire Rope 7x7 G316 3.2mm
wirerope 7x19
Wire Rope 7x19 G316 3.2mm
eye screw
S/S Eye Screw Forged Collar 6x80mm
S/S Lag Screw Eye G316 6x60mm
stud swage
S/S Swage Stud G316 M6 3/32
fork terminal
S/S Fork Terminal G316 1/8 5mm Pin
lag screw double
S/S Lag Screw Double Threaded G318 M8x65mm
wire rope cutter
Wire Rope Cutter
swagging tool
Hydraulic Swaging Tool

We also supply:

DIY Kits – Tool Hire – and can perform customised hydraulic or roll swaging if required.


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