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Our Durable Glass Clamps

As glass clamps are ideal to use for both balustrading and pool fence applications, Keble’s Trading supplies superior-quality stainless steel glass clamps in Grade 316.  We have a vast array of glass clamp from glass clamp large square type G316 to glass clamp medium “D” type 2205 duplex in a range of size from 6mm to 12mm in satin and mirror finish for that distinctive look.

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Glass Clamps Supplies in Australia

To complete our glass clamp application, we have in stock rubber gaskets from rubber gaskets for “D” type glass clamps to rubber gaskets to suit large square type in the range of 6mm to 12mm size. We source our Glass Clamps from worldwide leading manufacturers that comply with strict international quality control standard to ensure that you get consistent high-grade glass clamps to give you that competence in delivering an excellent handrail and balustrading project.

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