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G100 Swivel Self Locking Hook with Bearing

Code size QTY
T1072SSLHWB-6 6 mm
T1072SSLHWB-8 8 mm
T1072SSLHWB-10 10 mm
T1072SSLHWB-13 13 mm
T1072SSLHWB-16 16 mm
T1072SSLHWB-20 20 mm
T1072SSLHWB-22 22 mm

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  • Self-locking hook upon engaging a load

  • Trigger Release mechanism for disengaging loads

  • Once opened the hook will remain open until load is engaged

  • Large eye to enable assembling to wire rope (thimble)

  • Flat section on swivel eye for attaching Omega Links and Connectors

  • Includes ball bearing in the swivel enabling smooth and easy rotation under load

  • Forged super alloy steel - Quenched and Tempered

  • Suitable for EN 818 G100 chains

  • Complies with AS3776/EN1677

  • Individually proof tested at 2.5 times WLL

  • Fatigue tested at 1.5 x WLL for 20,000 cycles

  • 100% Magnaflux crack detection

  • Blue Powder Plastified Finish

  • Mill & Test Certificates available

  • Trigger Kits in self colour available as spare parts



G100 Swivel Self Locking Hook with Bearing


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