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Keble’s Trading carries a comprehensive range of products and services and can assist you in sourcing products required for your project.

Stainless Steel

Balustrading – rigging, wire infill styles, handrails, tubing, glass fittings and components.
Grade 304 & Marine Grade 316 – Turnbuckles / Rigging Screws, Hooks / Quick links / Saddles, Eye bolts / Eye nuts / Screw, Wire Rope Grips, Shackles, etc.

Wire Rope, Strand & Solid Wire

Galvanised Wire Rope, Stainless Steel Wire Rope, Wire Strand, Swages, Ferrules, Wire Rope Terminations, Grips, Solid Wire in Stainless Steel, etc.


Grades 80 and 100 Alloy Chain & fittings, D shackle, Eye bolts, Herc Alloy, Hooks, Lifting, Links, etc.


Dee Shackles, Eye Bolts, Eye Nuts, Forged Eye Nuts, Shackles, Swivels, Thimbles, Turnbuckles, Wire rope Grips, Snap Hooks , S- Hooks, Karabiners, etc.

Materials Handling

Chain & Lever Blocks, Plate Clamps, Load Skates,  Scales, Spring Balancers, Lifting Beams, Beam Clamps & Trolleys, Hoists, etc.

Webbing Slings

Round and Flat Synthetic Webbing Slings, etc.

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